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The Principles of The Divine Light Within Spiritual Community

Phoenix_bluefill2Principles of The Divine Light Within Spiritual Community


Why we are gathering

  • We are gathering with like-minded individuals to seek out the Divine Within us.
  • We work on bringing the Divine Light within us to connect to the Master within us.
  • We work from the principles of being a Divine Spark of God/Source and that everyone and everything has this Divine Spark.
  • We are gathering to provide peace not just for ourselves but also for the communities around us and the world around us by connecting with the Divine within others.

We Believe…

  • We believe that learning to truly connect to the Divine Within us will give us the knowledge we need to have more control of our lives and help others in the process.
  • We believe that Jesus and many other Masters (Ascended and not Ascended) have gained more connections to the Divine Within them and have been doing what they can to bring us to the same realization that they have made.
  • That no matter what you call God, Source, god and goddess, Tao, Brahman, etc. is part of our process of learning of our Divine heritage. This spiritual community accepts all religions and even accepts humanists, agnostics, and atheists as part of the spiritual evolutionary process of the individual.
  • We believe that when we say we are co-creators, means that we have created our world together with not just human beings, but all beings and spirit beings as a way to grow and evolve. We believe we help each other in this spiritual evolution. Our creations are from physical, thoughts and thought forms, emotions and emotion forms, and the spiritual forms that we create from all other forms.
  • We believe that since we are co-creators, that God/Source is giving our thought forms, emotion forms, and spirit forms an essence. We believe that these forms are part of our spiritual and religious beliefs and God/Source provides the essence for our beliefs. We believe our beliefs create our spiritual reality.
  • We believe that this is not just about only finding God or Divine Within us, but to find our true Spirit and the connections that our Spirit has made and will be making. We seek not just inside of ourselves, but also outside of ourselves for inspiration, guidance, healing, balance, and knowledge.
  • We believe that our Spirit is a Hidden Master that we need to find. This Hidden Master is a Spirit that has had many lives, experiences, and knowledge that we are able to access at will for our needs and wants. This is not just about our own needs and wants, but also of others.
  • We believe that the Divine Light Within us is able to bring health, balance, knowledge, prosperity, and love into our lives and to the lives of others. Our Spirit is the focus of this Divine Light that comes from the Divine outside of us (such as Angels).

The Basics of Spirit Empowerment

We work on the ideas and processes to work with our Spirit and what our Spirit is empowered to accomplish and work with us and work with the Divine.
• The first characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Free Will
• The second characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is that we are made of Energy.
• The third characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is the Communication Between Other Spirits and your own.
• The fourth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Unconditional Love.
• The fifth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Everything is seen and experienced as Sacred and Holy.
• The sixth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is that your Spirit will do what work that needs to be done and inspire you.
• The seventh characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is about knowing of your Divine Power Within you.
• The eighth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is having faith and confidence in the process of your Spirit.
• The ninth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Creation.
• The tenth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Manifesting through Expression with Implementation.
These Characteristics are the only the beginning of realizing our potential and the process in working with our Spirit.
The list is just the first part of this process and the Spiritual Community may expand and work on more characteristics and details when making connections to the Divine.

More to come!

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