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The Divine Light Within Spiritual Community

Phoenix_bluefill A Divine Within Ministry: The Divine Light Within Spiritual Community

Ministry is not just about looking outside of yourself. It is also about looking within yourself and finding who and what you are. It is about finding your purpose and power in the life that you are in right now.
This Spiritual Community is not just about Ministry, but about getting a certain group of people together to talk about what it means to be part of the Divine and what we can do to access the Divine part of ourselves. This certain group are advanced Souls and Spirits who are being urged to take a different path than just faith in the outside of themselves. This does not mean that we are only looking at ourselves, or our Spirit selves, but developing what our Spirit power and what I call Spirit Empowerment into play in our lives.
This Community is not a religion but a spiritual mainframe on the ideas of what being Divine is about. This Community also brings in the idea that we are co-creators with God/Source and that we create the forms (physical, thought forms, emotions forms, spirit forms) while God/Source creates the essence of these forms. As we gain knowledge of what we do as co-creators, we learn about our spiritual and energetic selves. We learn that not just individuals are co-creating, but all beings and spirit beings are creating, manipulating, and transforming the reality around them based on beliefs, perceptions, and purpose.
The Spiritual Community that I am bringing up now is for those who are seeking the Divine Within them. This is not to take away the outside of ourselves. We do need other spirits and God, Source, gods and goddesses, Tao, etc. We do need their help and guidance and yet, we have a Spirit within us that for most of us, is a master. A Hidden Master within us! For many of us, this Spirit has been through so many lives and so many trials, that we need to be able to connect with the Hidden Master within us. This is what this community is about: Working with our Hidden Master and finding the Divine Power that is within us!

Why I am starting this

My path brought me here to find what being Divine Within is about for me. This is not just about being more consciously aware of Spirit in surroundings but also to more aware of my own Spirit. Over a year ago, our Unity Church (now called Spiritual Center) discussed the book “Got over It” by Rev. Paul Hasselbeck. The inspiration from this was that even though we think we have the Divine Within us, we sure do not act or even think as if we do. We have been taught for so long to look outside of ourselves from religion to other spiritualities. We have been taught that the power is not us but of an all-powerful and ultimate God/Source/Tao. We have also been taught that a particular person also had the power, but not us. An example of this would be Jesus and how he is seen as God and yet, in his messages to his disciples, that they were also of the Divine.
This also goes for the variety of other God-men and prophets, such as Krishna, Buddha, the Saints, and the Ascended Masters. We see many of these God like men, connecting to God and their Source to the point that we do not understand. Legends were created of being able to turn water into wine, to walk on water or to breathe in the water, or to heal the sick and the dead. Can this be part of our power? This is not to find just the God within us, but also about finding what kind of Divine Power we do have as Divine beings. It might not be as glamorous as turning water into wine, but I do know we do have the ability to make things happen.
There are those that believe we are the sparks of God and that we have the Divine within us. Yet, we still have a hard time believing that we have some level of Divine power in that we are able to affect our life and even some of the lives of others as influences. We are constantly in consciousness with the dramas of life that we have a hard time going within, activating our connection with our Divine self, and using that Divine power within to make things happen. So, what does Divine Power mean? A good part of our power is being able to connect and influence others and no matter if, it is positive or negative influence, we have the power to make certain things happen. We also have the power to allow these things to happen to us. It is part of our free will, not just as physical beings in this life, but also as spirit beings. Some of what we think are not free will in the physical; they happen to be free will in spirit. Noetic Science is beginning to show us how some of our own fields and electro-magnetic fields are connecting to those we are thinking about and love and how we can affect them no matter where they are at. Energy Healers are also able to make connections and do healings, no matter if they are doing hands on healing or if they are doing distant healing. We bring all this in when it comes down to this new Spiritual Community.
As I had been writing my book, Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within, I realized that free will is not just here in this lifetime but in spirit. I also realized that even if I wanted something in life, it did not mean I would be getting it and that in spirit, it had been already decided if it was a yes or no. I do feel that part of my destiny is to realize what it means to have the Divine Within me and what that means to have a Hidden Master within me.

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