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About Energy Healing


Energy Healing Information

As an Energy Healer, I work with two different energy healing modalities.  I have a Level 3 Practitioner for Healing Touch and a Reiki 2 certification.  Energy healing is also intuitive and involves energy not from the self, but from the divine or higher power.  Whatever you may call it, Energy Healing is done for your benefit.

If you request for me to use just one of the modalities, please let me know because I usually do a mixture of both depending on your needs. I may also be doing something I have not been taught, but are in tune with my spirit who I feel has done a lot of energy healing before.

Energy Healing does not need to be touched, although some areas such as the feet might be touched for grounding and such.  If you have any issues with actual touching, please let me know before or during the healing session.

Information on Reiki and Healing Touch:

Reiki is a Hands-On-Healing modality that uses symbols to be “attuned” to the healer in order to give power to the intention.  Such as the symbol for Power (Cho-Ku-Ray) and the clearing symbol (Sei Hei Ki)  Reiki is usually great for beginners in Energy Healing because there is just touch (or near touch, one doesn’t need to touch) and that the belief and faith is that the Energy will go where it needs to go.

Healing Touch is a much more complex Hands-On-Healing modality that started with nurses from Denver.  Inspired by Therapeutic Touch, these nurses started using this new Energy Healing modality and also started researching what Healing Touch can actually do for patients as a complementary modality in the medical field.  Healing Touch uses more of the re-aligning of the flow of chakras and also various other techniques to help with pain and energy flow in various other areas.  Healing Touch also helps more with direction of the energy, rather than just relying on the energy going “where it needs to go.”  Healing Touch is more accepted in some parts of the medical community to help with those with cancer.  It helps with the healing process (it does not actually cure or heal just help the process in doing the healing).  Healing Touch techniques can also help with emotional and certain blocked thought processes and bring them out.  Healing Touch Practitioners have been taught to also look for problematic areas, usually with clairsentience (can also be clairvoyance, etc).

Energy Basics:

  • We are all of energy essentially.
  • We can manipulate and move energy to places that need work.  Depending on how deep one goes in the energy healing, it may bring certain emotions, feelings or thoughts.  This is for cleansing and purifying and it means that the energy is working on dealing with those emotions, feelings and thoughts.  There is no alarm if this happens.  This can happen during or after a session.
  • Energy Healing can be used to bring calmness and restfulness.
  • Energy Healing can help the body start the healing process.  The actual energy healing does not do the healing. YOUR BODY DOES.  It may help reprogram the cells for healing.
  • Energy Healing isn’t just about the one doing the Energy Healing, the one receiving must want to have the Energy Healing in order to allow your body to use the energy for its highest good.
  • The main goal of Energy Healing is to bring in the energy that is for the receiver’s highest good.  Energy though from others, such as being around others with their energies might not be for your highest good.  An example is going into a room with someone who is angry and that energy and aura can be received and you may react in some way, such as wanting to leave the room, feeling your own anger and keeping it going, etc.
  • Energy Healing may bring your Spirit out which makes grounding after every session, a must.  Grounding can be about sitting up, drinking water/juice, eating, and a basic visualization of the ground coming up to your feet to ground.  In Reiki, there is a grounding symbol that I have been taught to use.
  • Energy Healing can be used before and after surgery for calmness and also for better and quicker healing of the body.
  • Energy Healing isn’t something we usually consciously direct, it is directed by the energy itself, which is from the divine or higher power.  Our thoughts and emotions though can mingle in that energy since we may direct some of our own to another.  Clearing is also essential before doing a healing.


I am doing this as a professional energy healer.  As written earlier, if you do not want to be touched, even at all – please let me know before or during the energy healing.  My work is to be a professional and if the healing session does not feel professional to either one of us, one of us can stop the session if there is some discomfort.

I am NOT a medical professional.  For any medical condition, it is highly suggested to see your Primary Care Physician.  I do NOT prescribe anything.  I may give suggestions on using herbs, oils, or stones but I am not prescribing.  If I ask about a particular area, it isn’t just for energy healing, but you may need to also see your Primary Care Physician if it seems warranted.  Using both energy healing and medical are suggested for any health problems.  Energy healing can help the healing process, but it is not considered a substitute for dealing with medical conditions that need attention.

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