Rev Eric Meyer B.Msc. CHTSP

Metaphysician, Reiki and Healing Touch Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling Spiritual Author - Spirit Empowerment and The Hidden Master


I have known Eric Meyer since 1988 and I have considered him a great friend for twenty-two years.  He is an intelligent person who is capable of grasping philosophies and religions unlike anyone else I have ever personally known.  He has always had a keen interest in ways he can help people better themselves through their own beliefs.  In addition, Eric is a kind, thoughtful and understanding individual who has helped me endure many personal challenges in life that would have been very much more difficult without his steadfast presence.  Eric strives to understand with an honest openness and patient tolerance for new ideas that is highly uncommon and reinvigorating.  I consider it a blessing to have known Eric all these years and I am convinced my life has been made better and more joyful because of his presence in my life.

Jason H.

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