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About Rev. Eric

ericmey2Rev. Eric Meyer is a recent graduate in Bachelor’s/Minister’s degree in Metaphysics at University of Metaphysics at Sedona, AZ.  Rev. Eric has been a Spiritual Seeker for over 20 years and has found a certain place for himself in an eclectic belief system that ranges from Christianity, Paganism, New Thought, Taoism, and some of his own inspirations from within.  His basic studies have been in Christianity, Gnostic Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, Paganism, New Thought (Unity and Religious Science), New Age (or esoteric old age), and certain channelings.  He’s learned not just spiritual beliefs but also a more historical/cultural backgrounds of some of these (such as Christianity).

Rev. Eric was born and raised at a Lutheran Church and was loving more the music and the church community.  He started his seeking in the mid 1990s for more spiritual content.  He started looking more into the Spiritual parts of Christianity rather than the Religious part of Christianity.  He was part of a Spiritual/Religious discussion group on AOL for many years and he learned quite a bit from others about other religions, such as Judaism, Paganism, and Agnosticism/Atheism.  Part of his seeking search for his own beliefs led him to All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church which was more secular and humanistic path.  After some interest in Paganism and into Psychicism, he left the church and eventually was led to Unity in the Rockies.  As he started to become more into the church, he began his learning of Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona.  He realized he had to get to work early by being a Prayer Chaplain at Unity.

Prayer has become a big part of Rev. Eric’s Ministerial duties.  Rev. Eric provides various prayers and is now working on his own kind of praying.  This praying is for those that truly believe in the Spirit/Divine/God Within them but do not know how to pray without praying outside of themselves.  He is currently writing a book on his process and what it sounds and looks like to pray within.  The Book is called: “Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within.”

Rev. Eric had an interest in being a Counselor or Psychiatrist in college but was guided at the time to be into Information Systems.  As he’d been helping himself in various ways from Psychological and Spiritual, Rev Eric felt he wanted to help others too.  Now that he is a Minister, he feels he can start with Spiritual and Metaphysical Counseling by helping resolve people’s issues in a Spiritual manner.

aura_me3Rev. Eric started working on Energy Healing about 6 years ago with Healing Touch.  The reason was an interest in energy and that many around him has told him that he has healing hands.  The experiences that he has with just starting Healing Touch amazed him.  Not about what he could possibly do, but that the existence of this energy was more and more coming to a reality.  Around the time of learning Healing Touch Level 2, he had an aura picture that brought into light about energy and thought.  In the Aura picture, he was thinking of his guides and also thinking of being with his spirit in a place he’d been meditating.  In the Aura picture, there is a blurred form esp, on one side of him that looks like a face.  Another was the use of the 3rd eye being activated.  You can see the blue/indigo circle just around his forehead.  This Aura picture was a snapshot from a video aura camera.  Before the snapshot, it was a smaller aura that you could see the end of the aura.  As the snapshot being taken, the aura jumped and you couldn’t see where it ended.  One can bring energy into form and spirits react to your thoughts. This has become a fact for him. Rev. Eric was working at Memorial Hospital in Radiology as a Clerical worker and found the need for Healing Touch and other Energy Healing modalities as a possibility to supplement the needs of those having and needing medical treatment.  His Master Thesis is about Energy Healing and the Medical Field.

Rev. Eric is starting a Spiritual Discussion group for many that already have their own beliefs and would like to express them.  He is also having several classes, some beginner classes and others are more advanced classes.  He plans on bringing in more classes and building not just his knowledge but also where he plans to go with his spiritual beliefs and awareness.

geoshape1Rev. Eric has been working on becoming a Master Teacher of sorts.  He has learned that his Spirit (Æclæus) is very old and is a Master in his own right (Æclæus).  Æclæus is a Greek or Atlantean name that was given to Rev. Eric during a meditation.  Rev. Eric has realized that he’s had many past lives and there might be a certain few that may have made an impact on the world.  Rev. Eric has felt that in THIS life, he may actually have another opportunity to impact the world once more.  Rev. Eric has been told that he does work with the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus (or as Rev. Eric calls him – Yeshua ben Joseph – Yeshua born of Joseph).  Many Lightworkers are considered to be working with Ascended Masters.  Rev. Eric also works with various others such as Archangel Michael and Raphael, Athena, Anubis, Horus, St Teresa of Avila, and several others.  Rev. Eric does not think of these beings and entities as gods or goddesses, but as friends that he’s worked with many times before.  The same goes with Jesus.  Rev. Eric has realized that one of his missions here, by using is his Spirit (Æclæus), is to help those in Spirit to realize their own Spirit empowerment. Most religions do not know the Capability and Power that our Spirits are able to work on and use for a person’s wants and needs.

Rev. Eric has been working on accessing his Spirit in order to gain insight from this awesome Spirit in order to help those in a Spiritual need.  Rev. Eric believes that his Spirit connects to help those through their Spirit and their Spirit actually does the work and decides what work needs to get done. This is the basic concept of his new way of “Praying From Within” because in his praying he starts with his Spirit and contacts the other who has requested prayer.

Rev. Eric feels that it is through our own energy and Divine Energy/Light that we are able to make things happen. This brings up one of Rev. Eric’s beliefs that we create the thought and spirit forms based on our beliefs.  The essence and consciousness is then followed by the Divine/God/Source, etc.  We create our own realities in many ways and even though we do believe we are able to heal, be guided, etc – we are also in a world and realm where we are constantly bombarded by thoughts and feelings of illness and disease and our guidance is now considered abnormal, insanity or of the devil to some.  We create what we truly believe and we are open to the people and environment that tells us what to believe and think.

Rev. Eric’s plan is to volunteer and eventually work part-time at a hospice in order to help those who are ready to transition and to the family members grieving.  After Rev. Eric’s father passed, his experience in Hospice led him to feel that this is something he is able to do and work with.  Since, Rev. Eric has worked at Memorial Hospital, he is comfortable visiting at Hospitals, Hospice, and Nursing Homes.

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