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Healing Services


Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling

CounselingHealingtableRev. Eric is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and is a Metaphysical Practitioner in the use of Spirit Mind Treatments from the University of Metaphysics.

Rev Eric is a member of the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness and the International M.I.N.D.S Association.  He is a Practitioner in Holistic Alternative Psychology.  (Disclaimer – this is Holistic and an Alternative to Psychology).

Rev. Eric Meyer is a Pastoral/Spiritual Counselor who uses Prayer and Meditation as part of his counseling sessions, among his many other tools.  Rev. Eric’s Spiritual Counseling uses Spirituality, Metaphysics, and New Thought techniques to help in the needs of a person such as:

  • Stress
  • Relationships Issues and Challenges
  • Work Issues and Challenges
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Dealing with other Challenging Situations and People, and other emotional and mental needs.

These sessions assist you with your healing, as well as to be more positive in any negative situation. Part of the healing process is also understanding of the self and accepting what has been and work on realizing opportunities for growth and moving on.  His Energy Healings clear your energetic pathways so that you can move on from past negative situations and people.  Part of his process  uses “Spiritual Mind Treatments”, which helps your mind reprogram itself in order to deal better with challenging situations, and/or people.  Rev. Eric also assists with connecting to the Divine Within in order to access one’s Spirit in such emotionally charged situations.

Rev. Eric can teach you about your Divine Power Within you as he has been working on finding what it means to be “Spirit Empowered.”  As you connect more with your Spirit, the more you are able to work on the challenges that you have and may see why you have those challenges and how to resolve them.

Rev. Eric’s Counseling can also help those Spiritual Seekers in finding ways to inspire and guide them to where your beliefs may really be at.  Rev. Eric can discuss various belief systems and recommend reading materials to help with the seeking process.

Rev. Eric knows that both the Spirit and Mind health affect the health of the Body and that his Counseling helps both Spirit and Mind in working on Spiritual Solutions to problems – both Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

Disclaimer: All of Rev. Eric’s Counseling is Spiritual in nature.  No Psychological Counseling in any of these sessions.  

Disclaimer: Rev. Eric does not give medical advice for he is not a medical practitioner.  It is highly recommended to see your Primary Care Physician for any medical and physical needs.



Introductory Offer: 30 minute FREE Consultation!

Spiritual Counseling (as a Minister using Spiritual Mind Treatments): $100.-/hr
Holistic Alternative Psychology (using only the Minds Inspired New Dynamics System): $100.-/hr

Note: Spiritual Counseling can include the Minds Inspired New Dynamics System depending on one’s own needs.  Using both will be the Spiritual Counseling price!

Payments can be negotiated on a sliding scale.

Payments are accepted by either Cash or Check.  Currently Credit/Debit unavailable at this time.


Oracle Card Readings

crystal-ball2-212x300Rev. Eric also provides with Oracle Cards and can give Readings if requested. He’s worked with Oracle Cards for a several years and can give some inspiring readings as a way to help with one’s own Divine Guidance.  Rev. Eric can also teach how to use the cards more effectively and also how to find Divine Guidance in the life around us.  Rev. Eric does use Oracle Cards as part of his Counseling sessions to provide basic guidance from Spirit.


Oracle Card Readings for 30 minutes. – $25 – no FREE Introductory Offer with Oracle Card Readings.

Disclaimer: Oracle Card Readings are considered for Entertainment use, but I do consider them possibly inspiring and informative in a Spiritual manner including entertaining.


Payments can be negotiated on a sliding scale.

Payments are accepted by either Cash or Check.  Currently Credit/Debit unavailable at this time.

Energy Healing Work

DSC01308Rev. Eric is also an Energy Healer.  He provides professional Healing Touch and Reiki sessions for the benefit of helping your Body, Mind, and Spirit to heal itself.  His extensive trainings include Healing Touch Student Level 3 and Second Degree Reiki.  Rev. Eric has been studying and using Energy Healing for over 6 years. His particular focus is how Energy Healing can be used in a medical setting.

For more Information on Energy Healing and Disclaimers Click Here

Rev. Eric’s Energy Healing helps with balancing any imbalances in the energy field and chakras (energetic wheels of light throughout the body and spine). This balancing may help in the healing process in the person who is receiving energy healing. Both Healing Touch and Reiki are being used as forms of Energy Healing.

Rev. Eric believes that a person can only heal and help themselves and that he’s only helping those to get on a path to healing through spirit and energy. Rev. Eric also believes that the power of one’s spirit has been suppressed and needs to be relearned in order to truly have full awareness and power to create one’s own reality.  Energy Healing can be a very powerful way of moving and being a catalyst to energy in the Body and the Mind.

As a professional Healer, Rev Eric wants to make sure that his Healing sessions are a cam and relaxed for the one receiving the Energy Healing.  Touching is optional and is highly recommended that any discomfort is brought to his attention. 

Rev. Eric is also a Distance Healer, using both Reiki Distance Healing and being more spiritually present with the individual that needs healing.  He also uses his new way of praying as part of the Distance Healing process.


Introductory Offer: 30 minute FREE Consultation!

Healing Touch/Reiki $60.-/hr

Payments can be negotiated on a sliding scale.

Payments are accepted by either Cash or Check.  Currently Credit/Debit unavailable at this time.


Metaphysical and Spiritual Teacher

diploma2-180x300Rev. Eric is also an aspiring Teacher and Writer in the Spiritual and Metaphysical realms. Rev. Eric will be teaching various classes and facilitates a Spiritual Conversations group that talks about various Spiritual and Metaphysical subjects. His emphasis is about learning on all sides and to bring others open to possibilities of their own Spirit and Divine Self. Rev. Eric’s realm of knowledge is varied from Christianity to Taoism to New Thought and many in between. He truly believes we’ve created this reality and have the power to change that reality if we so believe and will it. His basic learning mantra is to see things from as many perspectives as possible to get to the “what is” (which many will consider this to be Truth).

Parts of Rev. Eric’s knowledge is from what he reads, but also from his own spirit. Rev. Eric’s Spirit, Æclæus, is considered an Old Soul/Spirit and a Master of sorts. Rev. Eric has been working on accessing more of the knowledge, guidance, and Divine Energy from Æclæus in order to help others in their needs and in their learning to work at transcending. In that sense, Rev. Eric has the potential to be a Master Teacher and a Spiritual Master. The name Æclæus may come from either Greek or possibly Atlantean.

Rev. Eric brings in a unique “out of the box” style of spirituality, which springs from his own Divine self, and the extensive readings he has done. Rev. Eric’s Mission is to help those live in a fully empowered way, and be One with the Source, God, or Divine within oneself.

Rev. Eric may also be able to help those who are Spiritual Seekers that are working on finding where they are at and give them a push in a direction that possibly suits them best. Rev. Eric was once a Spiritual Seeker himself and in some ways still is, but the seeking is now in a different perspective and realm and Rev. Eric knows how difficult it can be to be a Seeker. Rev. Eric realizes that being a Spiritual Seeker can actually be the most spiritually rewarding for a person on the Seeking road because of the true feeling of being “at home” in one’s own spiritual beliefs once it has been found for the Seeker.

Rev. Eric is making plans on doing his own Spiritual Community.  In his Spiritual Community, will be about Empowerment and the use of our Spirit with our needs.  His beliefs are about all of us being the creators of this physical reality and through the use of our Divine Self, we planned and designed this reality.  Stay Tuned for more information on this Spiritual Community!

Soon to be Published:  “Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within.”

This book is for those who believe that the Divine/God/Source/Spirit Within and goes through what our Divine Power might just be.  It also goes through how we can Pray to the Divine Within in order to bring in intentions and be more consciously aware of what our Spirit does behind the scenes.

Prayer Requests

Anonymous_praying_handsRev. Eric can also take Prayer Requests for those in need. Rev. Eric is a Prayer Chaplain at Unity in the Rockies, but can also pray with others that are not part of Unity in the Rockies. Rev. Eric has several ways of praying from traditional to a more contemporary spiritual prayer to a new “Praying from Within” style of praying that Rev. Eric is still working on perfecting. Rev. Eric believes that prayer is a great way to bring intentions out to the Divine to work on. You can send a request through the Contact page.  You can also send a request for Distance Energy Healing.

Sacred Rites

bible2-240x187Rev. Eric also can Minister to various Rites of Passage such as Weddings, Funerals and Memorial services, Sacred Dying with prayers, vigil and rituals.  Rev. Eric will be volunteering at Pikes Peak Hospice and gives with his full Spirit in the process.  He is wanting to gain experience in the Friends In Faith (learning to be a Chaplain of sorts) Rev. Eric will also do visitations in Hospitals, Hospice, Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes.


Weddings – $100.-
Funerals/Memorials – $75.-

Payments are accepted by either Cash or Check.  Currently Credit/Debit unavailable at this time.


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