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The Power of Fear and to take Spiritual Action

Hi All,

Sorry I have not done much as of late.  With everything happening here in the U.S., there has been a lot of going on both mentally and emotionally.  This site is not about politics, but about how to cope with what is going on in the world and for many of the U.S.  There is a lot of fear and terror going on, but it isn’t considered terrorism, but of politics.  The question comes to mind though, how to spiritually deal with this fear?  Since this is a site based on spirituality, that is the question that I’m going to make some thoughts and recommendations.

For many of us, the election gripped us with a lot of mudslinging and it was hard to stay focused on a spiritual level not knowing what will happen.  Once the results occurred, a new fear came into play.  In some ways, I had already thought of some of the possibility, but not to this degree of what was going to happen.

In certain spiritualities, the idea of fear is considered a possible perceived fear.  In other words, it is considered an illusion unless something truly starts happening.  There are quite a bit of perceived fears unless either something starts happening or you know the person who is helping to create that fear has that ability to do so and the type of character to create that situation.  So, is this what is happening here in the U.S. a perceived fear or an actual fear?  Also, can one have fear for another even though it isn’t about themselves?  For some of us, we might not be much affected by what will happen in many cases and yet there are some of us that really are concerned for our friends and family.  This fear is becoming more and more an actual fear and not just a perceived fear.

There are those that are taking action to those that are in power now.  Many of us are doing protests (more like demonstrations, but because it is considered “anti” that it is considered a protest and almost all the protests have been very peaceful).  There are those that going to town halls and contacting their congressman and even the White House.

Then there is a group that decided to do something very different.  A particular Wiccan group put out on social media about doing a binding of the President and his administration to do good.  Some may have thought this would be a curse, but after reading the intentions, it happened to be something in the realm of contacting the spirits and energies to make changes in how they see the American people.  Here is the link to the site:  A Spell to Bind Donald Trump 

In my mind, I was thinking of something similar in this sense.  If the congressmen and the President is unwilling to listen to the people, then an actual spiritual and mental change needs to happen.  Possibly an intervention of sorts (by spirit, God, Source, etc).  The spell from above can of course be used, but some of us are not that kind of magic (or magick) users or use energy in that way.  Prayer is a strong indicator and has quelled aggression on occasion when done with a strong and focused intent.  Everyone will have their own way of using prayer and energy and magic in how they use it in order to bring in that subtle change.  The focus may need to be on the administration and not just the President since many of the bills and executive actions are not being done by him.

First off, let us focus on the negative energies and negative entities that have been growing exponentially because of this fear, anger, hate, and greed.  We should focus on clearing and cleaning ourselves from these negative energies and entities in the beginning so we are clear before we start with those we will be focusing on.  We will focus on all those that have the power to make these changes that will be hurting the people, our family, and our friends and not just ourselves.  We can clear them by invocation of Archangel Michael or anyone or anything (such as incense) you use to clear negative energy.  Even if you think of doing some form of energy “exorcism” may help clear out some of those negative energies and entities.  We can do Reiki and other hands on healing modalities.  The more we focus on creating a positive atmosphere for them, the more that mental change can occur so that their ego and greed may take a backseat and actually consider the people.

After that we focus on being able to make the change by focusing on caring for the people and to consider what people are saying.  We can imagine that they will listen and open up to these recommendations.  We imagine and direct that energy they will see the potentials of many of the agencies they want to get rid of and how that agency has been able to help clean our environment, make sure our food isn’t poisonous, etc.  That they can see themselves and their families be affected by their decisions and that money and greed will not help them to be healthy when such things happen.  We also take a look at healthcare and how the system is so connected.  Without insurance for many, many Physicians and Hospitals/Medical Centers may not be able to make enough money if they do not have many patients who are able to afford their prices.  They may go out of business and there will be many that are without jobs.  With this focus, we focus on a healthcare system that is designed to help many and work on what is wrong with our current system.  We can give a focus that when those in power have to be taken care of by others (or another member of the family), that they see that money is needed to take care of their relatives and friends.  That they can make the correlation that this will happen to many who will think the same way with their own families.  This focus is for compassion and to open that compassion to others and not just themselves and those they know that are in their money group.  This is for those who aren’t in that group and who have to deal and work with bills that are not easily paid.

Closing and doing whatever you do to close out thank the spirits for helping – no matter if you say “So it is,” or “Amen” or whatever else comes to mind.  Bring yourself back in.  Now to make it strong, we could do this many times a month, if it is once a week, once a day, or once a month.  The more people, the more the energy should come in and make those changes.  The more focus we have, the more it can happen.  Since we have been more focused on our fears and anger, we need to create a new focus.  One in which we can work on a positive change in something we didn’t think we could change.  If they are not willing to listen and they have made up their minds and already have an agenda, we will need to change that agenda from the inside with the mind.  Anything that can help make more positive and compassionate changes should be considered.  If we are going into a spiritual outlook on this, this is a good part of that it takes to make spiritual changes.  Not just of ourselves, but those around us and those that will be affecting us.

Let us Make it So and So it IS!

Rev. Eric













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