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Spirit Empowerment – The Book

ericmey2Hi All,

I would like to announce that my book on “Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within” is now in E-Book form and in Paperback at  I am of course, quite excited that I was able to get this done.  I will soon also put this in to other sites in E-Book form.  Here are the links to Amazon:

Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within Paperback

Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within Kindle Version.

Here is the back side of the book for an explanation:

Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within asks the question, “What does it mean to have the Divine or God Within you?” This book will dig into that question about what it means and what it means to be empowered by your Divine part of yourself – your Spirit. Accessing your Spirit to the Divine part of one’s self can take many avenues and a new avenue has been created! Praying Within to your own Divine Self – your Spirit! This new way of praying can also change your thoughts of what it means to be empowered through your Spirit.

Rev. Eric’s take on the spiritual belief of Divine or God Within takes a new quantum leap into our reality in spirituality. This book will also go through why we resist the idea of being empowered in Spirit and that we have the power to change our life through what he calls “Spirit Empowerment.” Are you ready to go deeper into the Divine Within you? Are you ready to take the next step?

Spirit Empowerment also tackles a few of the known details of what most people think of the Law of Attraction. Is it more directed by our Spirit or does it just go out into the Universe to eventually come back to you? You decide after reading all about the characteristics of Spirit Empowerment!

The prayers in this book are quite unique and are meant to be inspiration for one’s own praying within. There are no other books about prayer that has this kind of praying – Praying Within!

Rev. Eric Meyer is a Prayer Chaplain at Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies and has been inspired by a change in the Unity community in finding out what it means to be Divine Within. He is also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and is a Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and Energy Healer using Healing Touch and Reiki. You can find more information on Rev. Eric at He is currently writing another book currently called “Re-Defining Belief.”

As, I have been writing this book, I have been very inspired by the power of this idea of Spirit Empowerment.  This book will further explain in details and with examples of some of my experiences that I feel link to what I believe, think, and feel is what our empowerment and what our Divine Power could be like.  It isn’t heavy in detail, yet clear about the intent of who and what we are capable of being.

There are of course, the resistance to the idea.  Resistance to me, is that this idea has some level of truth, or what I consider “what is” since truth is to me, subjective and always in our own perspective.  Yet, it is this truth that creates faith in our beliefs that powers ourselves to move on and make things better for ourselves.  We have been taught and told not to believe in our own power.  Even those that are skeptics and people who want the more “logical” and scientific, do not see the power of our beliefs and what our beliefs can do for us.  We do not think of the power when it comes down energy, subtle like energy that permeates and IS of us.  We are taught and told to believe in a certain way, that another person has power over us and that we don’t have responsibility in our life.  Responsibility seems like a great thing, until you realize that all the mistakes and all the things that you do and react to, are yours and are accountable for it.  Then, the idea of responsibility becomes blurred and unwanted.  It is part of the learning process of returning to knowing what our power really is and seeing for ourselves what we can do for ourselves. We also have to remind ourselves that we have power over ourselves, but not in others.  We allow others to control us for a variety of reasons.  One of them, I have just stated – to not take responsibility for their own life.

Here is a large excerpt from the book to give you some idea of what to expect:


The Basic power of Affirmations

As a Prayer Chaplain at Unity Spiritual Center, we had to learn about how to pray and learn of prayer within itself. Many Unity prayer books use several different standards that are a bit different from the more traditional religious prayers. Many in Unity use affirmations as part of their prayer. The use of the affirmations isn’t just to make an intention, but also to program one’s brain to start accepting a new thought that can help change a person’s life around them. This process is an ever growing researched process that has for the most been an interesting and precisely what is needed for others. The idea of “The Secret” comes to mind or the “Law of Attraction.” This is where we attract what we are intending. What some don’t tell you is that you have to do the work and it is a process of how to do the work. Just saying an affirmation a few times a day while doing nothing, isn’t going to produce much. Many do not go into the process of how one puts them into that and the fact that little by little the process can get you there. This is the struggle, because we are expecting things to be exactly as we want them to be at that moment. The “Law of Attraction” does not work that way exactly. It brings you in the process to get you there and you have to do the work. Because of this issue, our thoughts and intentions become muddy and because there are parts of ourselves that don’t believe this, we bring that intention out too. Hence, you don’t really get it the way you want it to be. Affirmations are those kinds of intentions that if you believe in them you can reprogram yourself with them. It has been mentioned in various places and books that it takes an intention and affirmation at least 21 days to start processing in the mind as a truth in order to believe (and to be done several minutes a day and several times a day – preferably looking at yourself in a mirror). This is the way affirmations are best used to reprogram you to believe more in yourself. We are constantly programmed to believe differently about ourselves anyway.

In many religions and many denominations of religions, do not see the Self and Spirit as a powerful force to be reckoned with. We don’t even know what kind of power we may actually have! Since we are taught to look to God for answers and to look to God for as the one true power, we feel we are just ants that are bad people because we aren’t with God. This is a true feeling for many. What New Thought teaches is different. It brings in the capacity to have the power to lead your own life and to be accountable for it. Some in Christianity teaches that you are born in sin because of Adam and Eve and you cannot get out of it. All of a sudden, you are accountable for someone who is thousands of years before you and because they said it to you, you think you are accountable! This isn’t the same accountability. This is the accountability of the self, and not of others. You are accountable for your actions and your reactions to others. Notice I did not mention being accountable for others. Some people maybe fearing this concept because they don’t want to accountable for themselves only. They like to be accountable for others and blame them in the process when things aren’t going their way. This accountability is for your own life, struggles, fears, and health. Yes, you have control of this. You are the one that is in charge of your own life. It is about dealing, resolving, and working on your fears and your struggles. You have power over your health in what you eat, exercise, do, etc. This doesn’t mean you have to always do these things, just know that it is your choice to not do these things and to not complain if others aren’t doing well to their body because it really is their choice and not yours. It is also their choice to heal and to be healed. Using affirmations is part of the mental and spiritual process of becoming healed.

Affirmations are part of the process of this new prayer. It helps you command your body to change and be what you are intending to believe it to be. I do mean commands. Our bodies are part of the emotional and energetic processes and they do tell us when something is awry. It is because your thoughts and feelings are part of your cells and your body. This is where many diseases come into play. It isn’t just that you created the disease, your body allowed the disease to come and take over. Cancer is a bit different in my view. I feel they are cells that have lost their purpose in the body and just need to be reprogrammed with a purpose. This isn’t to put anyone down though because we do know that life and the stresses and struggles have helped us get there. We go about our days with worry, with being down on ourselves, possibly being abused by another in some form or another and it takes a toll on one’s Body, Mind, and Spirit. Our emotions and thoughts allow a lot of things to go through without knowing what it could do both emotionally and physically to ourselves. So, this isn’t about blaming at all, but accepting that what you have gone through in your life helped process and manifest your emotional and physical issues and challenges. The only question to ask yourself is this – so what are you going to do about it? This is really the only question and statement needed. No blaming or scapegoat yourself or others because you have some disease.

There is something that is happening with many in New Thought and that is what my minister calls “Metaphysical Malpractice.” This is because we consider that any disease that you have is entirely your fault! It is about how others in New Thought may say something that this disease that you have is entirely your fault! A person, who has a disease, in my view, is up to them to find the causes, which can be physical, mental, and emotional based. There are books out there that have possible mental and emotional causes for disease, such as Louise L. Hay’s book on “Healing Your Body.” They are only there as a way of research for yourself about the more mental and emotional aspects of disease. What your beliefs may have helped happen in your life is also in these books and even has examples of what you can reprogram yourself to believe in order to counter the disease. Some of these books though may or may not fit what you think may be going on and therefore, some diseases may be from something else. Some people may use these books to blame you for your own disease. This is why we considered this to be “Metaphysical Malpractice” because it is unethical that someone tells you that you must blame yourself for your disease. I do not find this to be true anyway, that any and all diseases are all about you and that you are at fault. I do think our emotions and beliefs may allow these diseases an open door to them unintentionally based on stresses, what we do and eat, and other issues in our life. It is up to you to find out what may have happened and more importantly, what to do about it.

My own personal experience with having a cold or flu for an example is that when I am in an emotionally bad state (such as being sad, fearful, or angry) that a cold or flu comes into play. The cold or flu was already there in its viral form, but my emotions allowed the cold or flu to start being more powerful in my body because my immune system is lowered by intense emotions (this has been researched and proven). There is usually more than just our thoughts and emotions, but our thoughts and emotions can make things better or worse for ourselves. Hence, viruses and other diseases can be around for a variety of reasons. Yet, there are those exposed to such diseases that do not even get it! Do they just have good immune systems or is there something in the mind and emotions with a good immune system that are keeping them away or at bay?

No matter the disease, the important part isn’t to blame and scapegoat yourself or others, but to find ways to start healing. The past is the past and we should be thinking of moving on rather than staying in the past with our worries, woes, fears, and blaming that will not help in your healing. The more you try and process the negative “why me” the more you are keeping your body from healing. When you start asking that important question and move on, the healing process just started! I was reading a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza on “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and he had an interesting phrase. I am going to add my own way of phrasing it though – If you can think, believe, and feel that you are sick with disease then can you think, believe, and feel that you are healthy? This is another question you may have to ask yourself. If you have the power to make yourself be sick, then you must have the power to make yourself healthy!

Use Your Own Name for the Divine and Why I use Source

There are those that have had a problem with the name “God.” It mostly is because some religion (in the U.S. it is predominately Christianity), has expressed their beliefs in such a way that can be a big downer and degrader. This is something that has been taught in order to think that if you criticize maybe they will come to their “senses” and start believing like they do. Of course, this isn’t our human nature and so instead many have moved away from the term and use other terms. I had been one of those that started not liking the name “God” because when people used the term, it was more based on religious and spiritual opinion and not from the source directly. There are those religious leaders that use it, not to help others necessarily, but to manipulate and control others for their own wants and needs. A lot of those who are religious turn with political agendas using the Bible (for instance) to bring up their agenda and point. I do think this is one of the biggest reasons why many have decided to move away from religion (esp. Christianity). I’ve been using the term “Source” because it, first off, felt right and secondly, it was because if I believed that I am part “God” that using the term “Source” is a better way of being and feeling closer to that part of me. I sometimes use “Divine” or “Spirit” because it also resonates with me. Either way, the term is really in the same manner – that the Spark and Spirit Within are connected and part of the Source and Divine nature of us.

Our Unity Spirit Center uses the name “God” a lot in its services and has accepted the use more and more. Yet, as we go through the service, we are reminded that we are part of this God and that we meditate and look for the God Within ourselves but our prayers and certain parts of the service, still work from the God outside of ourselves. It was getting a bit confusing. What got more confusing was when Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck’s book “Get Over It” was introduced and used by our minister in a couple of classes. I decided to read the book and go to the classes. The classes and the book made it straightforward that we need to look more in the “God Within” and that our phrases were about the “God outside of ourselves.” I felt confused about this because I realized that our services and many other teachings coming from Unity have been about the “God out there” and not the “God Within.”

As we were starting the prosperity class, one of the parts of the class had affirmations for the self. What was interesting is that these affirmations were the start of my new prayer eventually.

In this affirmation that we learned was something like this.

“The Source Within me, prospers me.”

Simple and also succinct phrase isn’t it? What is interesting is that the rest of the program stays in the idea of the “God outside” and not “God Within.” We stated our “The Source Within me, prospers me” phrase and then said “Thank you God for a good class!” How strange and confusing right? Yet, most people didn’t seem to notice. Why? I feel that it is about the empowerment within ourselves that we just don’t feel we can have the power and capacity and want to look for “God out there” to bring in the Divine power to them; to be the channel of this power but not to be the power.

How I started Praying to the Divine Within

As a Prayer Chaplain, prayer became an important purpose that wasn’t just about who you were praying about, but who were you praying to? Prayer, for me, is about communication and intention. I started out with a prayer that sounded like this, “Dear Source, please bring Divine Light and Divine Love (and Divine Protection, Healing, etc) to __________. “ It brought out to me that something outside of me was using their energy to me. This was actually quite good in my opinion when you believe in the God out there. This might be used for those that do not believe in the Divine Within and truly, most other religions do not think of the Divine Within.

This change in my praying was a big thing for me because I really wanted to change things up after those two classes. I looked up several prayer books that we had in the bookstore (our church has a small bookstore) and could not really find anything that I could really sink my teeth into. I knew that I had to do this on my own.

I started praying to myself in a new way eventually. I figured out the first way of doing it pretty easy, which is similar to the “The Source Within me” phrase. It brought to me the idea of my belief in Source (instead of God) and tried to figure out how to do it with others. I didn’t show my fellow Prayer Chaplains for at least 2 months because I was trying to figure out what it should look like when someone is asking for health, wealth, other problems to be figured out, etc. I had a hard time knowing about what it should sound like, and yet I knew what I wanted to sound like for myself.

finally, I decided it was time to come out. I was thinking of writing this book at the time about the process of it. I only had a small beginning in my head but I had to bring it out to see what people thought. Some were really impressed, others, weren’t so much because of their own resistance to the idea. They truly didn’t believe they were or at least felt that the God outside of them is still more powerful than they are (and refusing to believe they have any Divine power anyway). The phrase most apt was given to one of the Prayer Chaplains, “I don’t have the power, only God does.” Either way, it was something people wanted to hear. Even when doing my Prayer Chaplain calls (we have certain members we call and give them a chance to have some personal prayers on the phone), a few people were actually quite impressed with them.

The process is actually quite simple and it uses the idea of Spirit Empowerment as part of the affirmations and intentions needed to bring a possible change (if change is really wanted).

Going into Spirit Empowerment

As, I’ve been bringing about my new way of praying, it became quickly apparent that many of us do not know what it means to have the Divine Within us and what that power and empowerment means to us. I termed it Spirit Empowerment to define our power in Spirit and in our own Divine nature. This also goes with our ideas of what it means to truly be empowered in your life. What does all this mean for us? Obviously, it isn’t something that seems so fictional powers such as using the Force or being a mutant like in the X-Men comics, shows, and movies. What is it really? What can we expect?

We know at least a couple of things, and yes I will go into detail of these things later. Many of us know that we are creators. We create our own reality. Yes, we actually do. Look around you, what do you see? I see buildings, I see lots of things that are inside the buildings and I see roads and gardens, etc. We have actually created all of it. We started with a plan, we designed it, and we started finding resources in order to implement them. We found the materials, the workers, and the tools to be used in order to create these things that we live in and take it for granted. So, knowing that we create in the physical, we also create the dramas in our life. We make a big deal about things don’t we? We take things personally. We get attached to gossip, what others do, what we seem to be around others, etc. Someone says something about you and you react in someway or another. It could be that you fight back. It could be that you complain to another person about that person. Or you could just go home and keep it inside and be depressed about it. Yes, these are choices and it created the reality that you are living in. You created that choice.

Free Will is also part of the process. Not just our own physical Free Will, but also the Free Will of the Spirit. As part of the prayer process, we do ask the Spirit to be part of the process in helping ourselves or the individual we are praying to. Free Will in this sense means that the Spirit will decide if this is the best and right thing for the Highest Good of that individual. Our Spirit does have some level of decision, besides our own Soul and ego self even though our Spirit goes by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The biggest problem that comes into play here is our resistance to the idea that our Divine Within has any power and so we don’t really think much or our own empowerment because of that. Our resistance does not allow us to be open to the possibility of what Divine power we may have.

Empowerment is just that – being in control and power of your own life. Although, this also goes to the point that we may have power over others, but that is because they are allowing us to take that power away from them. They do not believe they have the power to resist even though they really do. This kind of power though over others negates a part of our own empowerment because if you see yourself empowered, would you also be willing to see that others can be empowered too? It is part of the process of responsibility and accountability of the self and accepting the same to others. We many times will allow others to control and have power over us. This isn’t just of a person, but also a thought, a belief, a feeling, and disease. The thing is we just don’t believe we have that kind of power and so we allow things to happen all the time. What if, we are able to make things change for us? What if we can become better by thought, feeling and certain beliefs about things like disease and a feeling of lack (as in prosperity). What if things can change because of our thoughts and feelings?

There are many good reasons for being more positive about things. This doesn’t mean to have a smiling face and yet still feel like the end of the world is happening to you. No, this isn’t about that, but looking at your life, your situation and finding the positive and blessings for them. Sure, this doesn’t sound right to a degree, but after the blunt of negative emotions come about, is there a time to think and wonder why these things have happened and then trying to find ways to work on them? The question to possibly ask yourself, is this – do I want to be keeping the same negative thought and feeling or do I want to find the positive and blessing of this situation? The thing about being positive has one thing really going for it – you will be moving when you are positive. Things will start moving and things will go more forward when being positive. When you are negative mostly, you do not move much. Positive things don’t seem to happen and your movement is usually stagnant to a point. When being positive and believing in being positive can make things happen and make things move. When being negative and still believing in it, you will only focus on the negatives and things aren’t really moving so things stay that way.

I have also designed some ideas of what certain characteristics of Spirit Empowerment might entail.  These characteristics are in more detail in the book and I have hinted at more in the past Teaching posts.

The first characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Free Will

The second characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is that you are made of Energy.

The third characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is the Communication Between Other Spirits and your own.

The fourth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Unconditional Love.

The fifth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Everything is seen and experienced as Sacred and Holy.

The sixth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is that your Spirit is the one that will do the work when you ask for something for yourself and give out inspirations when needed.

The seventh characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is about knowing of your Divine Power Within you.

The eighth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is having faith and confidence in the process of your Spirit.

The ninth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Creation.

The tenth characteristic of Spirit Empowerment is Manifesting through Expression with Implementation.

As you can see, this idea of Spirit Empowerment is very much grounded in the simple ideas of Spirit and also highly Metaphysical.

Let this book be your guide and let me know what you think by emailing me.

Thank you and enjoy reading!!

Rev. Eric.





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