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Metaphysician, Reiki and Healing Touch Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling Spiritual Author - Spirit Empowerment and The Hidden Master


Rev Eric Meyer welcomes you to finding ways to be empowered in your life!!

My Healing Services can help in working and dealing with stress, depression, relationships, prosperity, work, religious, spiritual and health challenges based on proven Spiritual techniques.

See Below and the Tab Link to a New Spiritual Community!!


 My Main Services are: (click links for more info)

Energy Healing: Using Reiki and Healing Touch to relax your Body, Mind, and Soul in order to initiate the healing process within you!

Teacher and WriterLooking for inspiration? Interested in anything Spiritual? Spirit and Spirituality is all around us, join me in discovering any and all of Spirit and Spirituality!

Metaphysical/Spiritual Counseling: Using Prayer, Meditation, Holistic techniques, and Divine Light in dealing with life’s issues. Counseling Sessions will include practical uses of Spirit Empowerment. For more information, see my latest on Teachings post.

 – Prayer Services: Prayer Requests, Visitations to Hospice, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes.

Ministerial and Rites of Passage: Weddings and Funerals/Memorial Services.


The Divine Light Within Spiritual CommunityThis new Community is to meet those with similar beliefs about what it means to have the Divine Within!  If interested – See the Principles of the Spiritual Community for more Info!


Find out what it means to be Spirit Empowered in your Life by working with your own Spirit – The Hidden Master Within You!



Look into my books on!

Now Available on and Kindle! My new book – Re-Defining Belief.  This book will discuss the various aspects of belief from belief in all that we read and listen to, to the belief that defines our experiences and our life.  This book will also go into how belief affects the Law of Attraction and the various ways of working on your beliefs in order to be more effective in the Law of Attraction.

My first book: “Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within.” This book is at and available as an e-book at various book outlets. You can also find them on Barnes and Noble, Apple, and many others!

See – also see this link for the Kindle Version.  Also for Smashwords version

See all other book outlets such as Barnes and Noble and Apple to find Spirit Empowerment and Praying Within!


If you would like to more about me –  Click here for About Rev. Eric




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